Towards a Model-driven Development of Web Applications

José Luis Herrero, Pablo Carmona, Fabiola Lucio


In the last years, traditional web applications have evolved from static web pages to dynamic applications, and this is the reason why the complexity of this type of applications has been increased. With the appearance of AJAX and Web 2.0 technology, a new breed of applications for the Internet has emerged. However, as web applications become more and more complex, the quality degree is negative affected, since initial stages of software life cycle are not considered in the development process of this type of applications. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a model-driven architecture to support web application development from the design to the implementation model. With this aim, the following tasks have been performed: a new profile extends UML metamodel with new concepts from the web domain, a new framework supports the developing of web applications by composing web elements, and also provides different types of communication patterns, and finally, a transformation model generates web applications from the UML extension proposed. The main contribution of this work is an increase in the quality degree of web applications provided by the model-driven architecture proposed, but other advantages that can be mentioned are a high performance degree achieved by a prefetching cache mechanism, and a high reusability, since web elements can be reused in different web applications.


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