New ‘Spider’ Convex Hull Algorithm - For an Unknown Polygon in Object Recognition

Dmitriy Dubovitskiy, Jeff McBride


Object recognition in machine vision system and robotic applications has, and is still, an important aspect in automation applications of our everyday life. Although there are a lot of machine vision algorithms there are not always entirely clear and unified solutions for particular applications. This paper is concerned one particular step in image interpretation connected with the convex hull algorithm. This new approach to the process of convex hull step of object recognition offers a wide range of application and improves the accuracy of decision making on later steps. The challenging fundamental problem of computational geometry is offering the solution in this work to solve convex hull procedure for an unknown image polygon. The unique feature of the offered new approach is the flexible intersection of all convex set points of an object on a digital image. The convex combination points remains unknown and allow us to get the real vector space. The image segmentation algorithm and decision making procedure working in conjunction with this new convex hull algorithm will take robotic applications to a higher level of flexibility and automation. We present this unique procedure for automating and a new model of image understanding.


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