An EMG-based Assistive Orthosis for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Luis M. Vaca Benitez, Niels Will, Marc Tabie, Steffen Schmidt, Elsa Andrea Kirchner, Jan Albiez


In this work an upper limb active orthosis for assistive rehabilitation is presented. The design and torque control scheme of the orthosis that take into account important aspects of human rehabilitation, are described. Furthermore, first results of successful muscle activity detection and processing for the operation of the orthosis in two movement directions are presented. The proposed system is the first step towards an adaptive support of patients with respect to the strength of their muscle activity. To allow an adaptive support, different methods for EMG analysis have to be applied which allow to correlate muscle activity strength with the recorded signal and thus enable to adapt the support of the orthosis to the needs of the patient and state of therapy.


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