Adaptive Virtual Enterprise Process Management - Perspective of Cloud-based Data Storage

Ahm Shamsuzzoha, Sven Abels, Petri Helo


This paper presents research outcomes on formation and operation management of virtual enterprises (VE). A VE is considered as a temporary alliance of manufacturing companies with the objective to exploit fast-changing business opportunities and to meet demands of globalized markets. In the operational phase of the VE, its collaborative member companies - which are geographically distributed and organizationally independent, cooperate with each other to execute different essential business processes. Keeping this business objective in mind, this paper proposes an integration framework of VE, where necessary data exchange and management among the partner companies are monitored and controlled by the help of cloud-based data repository system. The cloud-based data storage system which provides the necessary data storage and retrieval facilities to execute the VE processes is elaborated within this research scope. A case example is also presented that highlights required interfacing and adaptation of the essential VE business processes with the help from cloud-based data storage and retrieval system.


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