On Automated Recognition of Cloud Types Instructions

Nina Aprausheva, Irina Gorlach, Aleksandr Zhelnin, Stanislav Sorokin


Results of the recognition of multi-spectral satellite data by an automated classification procedure (ACP) are presented. The procedure is based on the approximation of an unknown probability density of a given set of observations by a multi-dimensional Gaussian mixture. For a given number of mixture components, optimal estimates for unknown parameters are found by the Day-Shlezinger algorithm as such solution of simultaneous likelihood equations, that maximizes the likelihood function. Optimal number of classes is determined by the step-by-step testing of two composite statistical hypotheses. The classification of a set of observations is performed by the Bayes rule. To reduce the calculus number, a preliminary analysis of the structure of the investigated set is carried out, which provides rough estimates of the number of classes and their basic characteristics. Results of automatic classification of the main types of clouds and underlying surface are described.


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