Cloud Testing for Mobile Software Systems - Concept and Prototyping

Oleksii Starov, Sergiy Vilkomir, Vyacheslav Kharchenko


This paper describes an approach for increasing the effectiveness of mobile software system testing. A Cloud Testing of Mobile Systems (CTOMS) framework is presented in the form of a cloud service that provides the ability to run tests on a variety of remote mobile devices. This framework is based on a heterogeneous networked system that connects operational computers, mobile devices, and databases with software applications. Our research focuses on building a concept and a prototype of CTOMS that supports testing Android mobile applications in the cloud. CTOMS allows multidirectional testing, providing the opportunities to test an application on different devices and/or operating system (OS) versions and new device models for their compatibility with the newest OS versions and the most popular applications. Another new aspect is to embed the test model, specifically the appropriate testing techniques for mobile development, within the framework. For users, this model will provide suggestions from CTOMS about the test methods, criteria, coverage, and possible test cases. These suggestions are based on available configurations, statistics, and resource constraints.


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