Adapting RosettaNet B2B Standard to Semantic Web Technologies

Jamel Eddine Jridi, Guy Lapalme


This paper presents a methodology for adapting RosettaNet B2B Standard to Semantic Web technologies. We present an approach for mapping RosettaNet Partner Interface Process (PIP) descriptions defined currently with DTD or XML Schemas format to an ontological representation using an OWL/XML rendering. It has been applied to the full set of PIPs. The transfer is transparent and reaps the benefits of the formalization effort put in the XML representation. All produced RosettaNet PIPs ontologies were validated according to the XML Schema of OWL/XML Serialization and their consistency checked with a OWL Reasoner. The use of formal semantics for B2B based on ontologies ensures a better interoperability and should help overcome the problem of standards integration by the use of ontology alignment.


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