A Meta Model for Monitoring Requirements in Cloud Environnment

Rima grati, Khouloud Boukadi, Hanêne Ben-Abdallah


Cloud computing is a promising technology where the infrastructure, platform technology and software are remotely delivered as services over the Internet. Despite the increasing interest in cloud computing, several enterprises are still reticent to fully adopt it in their business because of several unresolved difficulties. Among others, the difficulty to provide guaranteed QoS for all kind of applications is one of the major barriers for the adoption of this computing paradigm by a wider range of enterprises. To overcome this difficulty, various service monitoring approaches were proposed as a means to detect potential violations of an agreed-upon service level. These approaches, however, tackled the technical aspects of monitoring without providing for a conceptual framework where the QoS monitoring requirements can be specified. This paper highlights the need for a design-level modelization of monitoring composed web services in the cloud. It then presents a meta-model for composite web services in the cloud, that provides for the specification of QoS requirements, web service level agreements, and monitoring QoS of composite web services in the cloud.


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