Integrating Distributed Data Bases in a Semantic Framework - The K-Metropolis Project

Daniela Giordano, Alfredo Torre, Salvatore Alessi, Alfio Costanzo, Alberto Faro


This paper presents how data integration is obtained in K-Metropolis, i.e. a project inspired by the Connected Government framework and supported by the Regional Government of Sicily that aims at integrating data residing on personal, commercial and municipal databases of different organizations. In response to the user queries, K-Metropolis suggests the most suitable services by a decision support system illustrated in previous works using all the data available at urban level. E-payment of the recommended commercial services is supported. On request, e-government certificates are provided to the mobile users. When needed, the data and certificates are displayed on a Google Maps based interface. In a companion paper we show how K-Metropolis is able to display on a more powerful GIS not only geo-referenced data of the public services but also thematic drawings that further qualify these data.


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