R-Pref: Rapid Prototyping of Database Preference Queries in R

Patrick Roocks, Werner Kießling


Preferences are a well-established framework for database queries with soft constraints. Such queries select the best objects from large data sets according to a strict partial order induced by intuitive and semantically rich preference constructors. Together with functionality like grouping and aggregation, adapted from well-known database mechanisms, a very flexible preference framework has emerged in the last decade. In this paper we present R-Pref, an implementation of the preference framework in the statistical computing language R. R-Pref comprises less than 1000 lines of code and adheres to the formal foundations of preferences. It allows rapid prototyping of new preferences and related concepts. Exemplarily we present a use case in which a simple text mining example based on pattern matching is enriched by preferences. We argue that R-Pref paves the way for rapidly exploring new fields of application for preferences. Especially new semantic constructs for preference related operations together with equivalences of preference terms, being highly important for optimization, can be quickly evaluated.


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