User Interest Extraction based on Weighted Tags

Saida Kichou, Hakima Mellah, Imene Lasbeur, Imen Abdelouahid


Collaborative tagging systems are based on assigning keywords freely chosen by users, which promotes ressources sharing and organization by the way and improves the information retrieval. The tags allocation by users is illustrated particularly in sites sharing photos or videos (Flickr, YouTube). As navigations and clicks, tags can be good indicators of the user's interests. In this paper, we examine the limitations of previous tag-based profile extraction. We believe that for a better result, tags of a resource must represent well its content. Existing systems consider ‘Popularity’ as the unique criterion to judge the tag effectiveness. But it does not always reflect its importance and representativeness to the resource. In this paper, we propose a novel approach based on tag strength to represent a user. In which we introduce weighted tags based on user expertise.


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