IBE Extension for HIP

Amir K.C., Harri Forsgren, Kaj Grahn, Timo Karvi, Göran Pulkkis


This article explores the possibilities to replace RSA public key identities and X.509 certificates with any unique identities and identity-based encryption (IBE) in the Base Exchange of the Host Identity Protocol (HIP). We have analysed the technical and trust-related details when applying IBE in HIP. These details include, for example, how to insert the IBE parameters into HIP packets and how to guarantee their correctness. We have extended OpenHIP v0.7 software with capabilities for X.509 certified RSA-based Host Identities, for trusted IBE-based Host Identities, and for IBE signatures in HIP messages.We have also measured HIP message times in the Base Exchange. These measurements show that the basic IBE solution is rather slow compared to RSA solution with certificates. However, if applications are such that it is necessary to check revocation lists often, the IBE solution is feasible.


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