Business Ontologies Modelling for Communities of Handicraft Women

Valérie Monfort, Ikmel Hamdi, Rahma Dhaouadi, Achraf Ben Miled


Social networks are websites or platforms which bring together users in various online communities. Social networking on the Internet capitalizes on the Web’s latent structure as a meta-network of social connections to boost computer-supported collaboration in conjunction with the use of Semantic Web metadata. The Semantic Web effort is in an ideal position to make Social Web sites interoperable. Applying Semantic Web frameworks including SIOC (Se-mantically Interlinked Online Communities) and FOAF (Friend-of-a-Friend) to the Social Web can lead to a Social Semantic Web, creating a network of inter-linked and semantically rich knowledge. Moreover, communities can be profes-sionals who want to share knowledge, to sell their production, to communicate and to collaborate. We are involved in a research project which aims to study the ability of handicraft women to use new technologies. In this paper, we show the manner we elicit and we model knowledge with several business ontologies.


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