Developing a Multi-Agent Fuzzy-based Control Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Manipulators

Mohamed Ayoub Messous, Abdelfetah Hentout, Saliha Oukid, Brahim Bouzouia


Controlling a robotic system, while reaching a certain degree of autonomy and complexity, is carried by the establishment of its control architecture. The control process is intended through achieving general goals and/or reacting to changes of the environment. An autonomous robot is required to meet some design specifications and behavior requirements: its reactivity to environment change, its reliability and its fault-tolerance, etc. However, A control architecture of a robot must ensure that the robot will achieve, in real-time, its tasks despite all the constraints. The control is required to be reactively fast but also thorough, while maintaining some properties such as stability and robustness. The main objective we are intending to achieve is to design our own approach for autonomous control of mobile manipulators. The expected approach is meant to be thorough and generic as possible. It should offer a real-time reactive response, while maintaining a fault-tolerance capabilities and a robust control.


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