Development and Implementation of a Methodological Approach to Support MDO by Means of Knowledge based Technologies

M. F. M. Hoogreef, G. La Rocca


Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) can provide designers with the methods to further improve the performance of already mature solutions, and to support the exploration of innovative complex engineering products. The best design of a complex system can only be found when the interactions between the system’s disciplines are fully considered. MDO provides the structured approach and the mathematical formulations to capture such interactions. Although the very first MDO implementations have been presented about 50 years ago, at date, such a discipline is not yet fully exploited at industrial level, apart from limited application. This seems a missed chance to improve product quality and cut design cycle time and cost. The main purpose of this PhD research is the development of an methodological approach, with knowledge based technologies to support MDO, by formalizing knowledge and making MDO more accessible.


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