Fuzzy Optimization Models for Seaside Port Logistics

Belén Melián-Batista, Christopher Expósito-Izquierdo, Eduardo Lalla-Ruiz, María Teresa Lamata, J. Marcos Moreno-Vega


The main goal of maritime container terminals is to serve the container vessels arriving at port. This means that they must be berthed in a position along the quay, a subset of quay cranes must be assigned to them and work schedules have to be planned for unloading the import containers and loading the export containers onto each container vessel. This work addresses the Tactical Berth Allocation Problem, in which the vessels are assigned to a given berth, and the Quay Crane Scheduling Problem, for which the work schedules of the quay cranes are determined. Due to the fact that the nature of this environment gives rise to inaccurate knowledge about the information related to the incoming vessels, the aforementioned optimization problems are tackled considering fuzzy arrival times for the vessels and fuzzy processing times for the loading/unloading operations.


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