RAID’ing Wireless Sensor Networks - Data Recovery for Node Failures

Ailin Zhou, Mario A. Nascimento


In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), sensor nodes may fail due to energy depletion or physical damage. To avoid data loss and incomplete query results when node failure takes place, we propose a node failure recovery scheme which can recover the data of failed nodes. Our scheme incorporates data redundancy and distributes, in an effective and storage efficient manner, redundant information among nodes in the WSN. When a node fails, the remaining functioning sensors can use the redundant information regarding the failed node to recover its data. An energy consumption model is also presented for calculating the communication cost of the proposed scheme. We use simulations to compare the network lifetime with and without recovery being involved, where the network lifetime is defined as the time that a node failure is observed and its data can not be recovered. Our experimental results show that the recovery scheme can yield a lifetime up to three times longer than that of no-recovery scheme.


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