Client-side Mobile Visual Search

Andreas Hartl, Dieter Schmalstieg, Gerhard Reitmayr


Visual search systems present a simple way to obtain information about our surroundings, our location or an object of interest. Typically, mobile applications of visual search remotely connect to large-scale systems capable of dealing with millions of images. Querying such systems may induce considerable delays, which can severeley harm usability or even lead to complete rejection by the user. In this paper, we investigate an interim solution and system design using a local visual search system for embedded devices. We optimized a traditional visual search system to decrease runtime and also storage space in order to scale to thousands of training images on current off-the-shelf smartphones. We demonstrate practical applicability in a prototype for mobile visual search on the same target platform. Compared with the unmodified version of the pipeline we achieve up to a two-fold speed-up in runtime, save 85% of storage space and provide substantially increased recognition performance. In addition, we integrate the pipeline with a popular Augmented Reality SDK on Android devices and use it as a pre-selector for tracking datasets. This allows to instantly use a large number of tracking targets without requiring user intervention or costly server-side recognition.


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