VizClick - Visualizing Clickstream Data

Rajat Kateja, Amerineni Rohith, Piyush Kumar, Ritwik Sinha


Clickstream data is ubiquitous in today’s web-connected world. Such data displays the salient features of big data, that is, volume, velocity and variety. As with any big data, visualizations can play a central role in making sense and generating hypotheses from such data. In this paper, we present a systematic approach of visualizing clickstream data. There are three basic questions we aim to address. First, we explore the interdependence between the large number of dimensions that are measured in clickstream data. Next, we analyze spatial aspects of data collected in web-analytics. Finally, the web designers might be interested in getting a deeper understanding of the website’s topography and how browsers are interacting with it. Our approach is designed for business analysts, web designers and marketers; and helps them draw actionable insights in the management and refinement of large websites.


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