An EMF-based Toolkit for Creation of Domain-specific Data Services

Andreas Bender, Stefan Bozic, Ivan Kondov


Development of composite workflow applications in science and engineering is troublesome and costly due to high heterogeneity of data representations and data access interfaces of the underlying individual components. As an effective solution we present a generic toolkit enabling domain experts to develop data models and automatically generate a self-contained data access service. We defined a custom metamodel based on Ecore which can be readily used to create domain-specific data models. Using the generated data access service, instances of the modeled data residing on heterogeneous and distributed resources, such as databases and cloud data stores, are accessible from the individual application components via a language-independent Web service interface. We discuss the framework architecture, the toolkit implementation, the deployment process, as well as the performance of the data access service. Workflow designers as target users would benefit from the toolkit by using it for rapid and cost-efficient application integration.


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