A General-purpose Crowdsourcing Platform for Mobile Devices

Ariel Amato, Felipe Lumbreras, Angel D. Sappa


This paper presents details of a general purpose micro-task on-demand platform based on the crowdsourcing philosophy. This platform was specifically developed for mobile devices in order to exploit the strengths of such devices; namely: i) massivity, ii) ubiquity and iii) embedded sensors. The combined use of mobile platforms and the crowdsourcing model allows to tackle from the simplest to the most complex tasks. Users experience is the highlighted feature of this platform (this fact is extended to both task-proposer and tasksolver). Proper tools according with a specific task are provided to a task-solver in order to perform his/her job in a simpler, faster and appealing way. Moreover, a task can be easily submitted by just selecting predefined templates, which cover a wide range of possible applications. Examples of its usage in computer vision and computer games are provided illustrating the potentiality of the platform.


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