Logos Detection from Moving Vehicles

A. Ben Hamida, M. Brulin


To deal with road accidents, especially accidents caused by trucks containing dangerous products, the possible solution is to control these vehicles’ passage. We aim at developing a software technique confirming that all the entered engines inside a tunnel are securely quitted, to guarantee that no accidents, no breakdowns have occurred inside. To implement such solution, we identify the ingoing and outgoing trucks by extracting their significant marks. These marks help to differentiate each vehicle from the other. They are the mounted logos as license plates and pictograms. To ensure the safe exit of one truck, we look for the similarity between the ingoing and outgoing vehicle’s images by comparing their detected symbols. In this paper, we present a controlling system capable to extract logos from moving trucks to verify their safe entrees and exits. Both theoretical analyses and experimental results are provided to show the performance of the proposed system.


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