Snow Side Wall Detection using a Single Camera

Kazunori Onoguchi, Takahito Sato


In the area where it snows heavily, snow removal of a road cannot often catch up with snowfall. Especially, a community road becomes too narrow for vehicles to pass each other since snow removal is insufficient compared with a main street. To obtain this information, this paper presents the novel method to measure the distance between a vehicle and a snow wall of shoulder by a single camera. Our method creates the inverse perspective mapping (IPM) image by projecting an input image to the virtual plane which is parallel to the moving direction of the vehicle and which is perpendicular to the road surface. Then, the distance to the side wall is calculated from the histogram whose bin is the length of an optical flow detected in the IPM image. The optical flow of the IPM image is detected by a block matching and the motion of the side wall is obtained from the peak of the histogram. The narrow way is detected by results measured by several vehicles with a backup camera.Our method is robust to changes in the appearance of the texture on the side wall that occur when a vehicle moves along a road.


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