Portable Green Cloud Services

Stephan Ulbricht, Wolfram Amme, Thomas Heinze, Simon Moser, Hans-Dieter Wehle


The areas of cloud computing and green IT are amongst the fastest growing markets in the IT industry, until now there are very few opportunities to combine the potential of both. In this paper, we present a method to combine the advantages of both to create standardized and energy efficient cloud services. For their description, we will use the cloud computing standard TOSCA(OASIS, 2013). Thereby, it is possible to create standardized and model-based cloud applications which can be deployed in many cloud environments. We will further show how it is feasible to combine policies with TOSCA to realize energy-efficient management of cloud services. To accomplish this, we will provide ideas on how to extend the TOSCA language as well as the cloud operating environment to achieve the goal of portable, energy-efficient cloud services. The core of this work is the identification and integration of the underlying system architecture for a common solution concept. For this, the architectures and necessary adjustments are explained.


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