M3: Machine-to-Machine Management Framework

Heikki Mahkonen, Tony Jokikyyny, Jaime Jimenéz, Sławomir Kukliński


The number of deployed sensor devices with Internet connection is expected to exceed 50 billion units. Many of these devices spend most of their time in sleep mode to conserve energy. This sets new kinds of requirements for network management, and creates the need of redesigning conventional network management. Hence, most of the manual deployment, configuration and operation tasks need to be automated in a scalable fashion, using protocols that can deal with the uncertainty caused by the intermittent nature of the devices. For scalability reasons, the network management logic needs to be distributable in the network management architecture. In this document we describe our management framework for M2M networks. It is also shown, how the framework has been implemented as a prototype testbed. We have used the testbed to study centralized and de-centralized M2M network management logic for different management scenarios.


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