A Model to Specify Inter-company Cooperation

Meriem Kermani, Mahmoud Boufaida, Emmanuel Paviot-Adet


The impact of the evolution of the global economic ecosystem, has forced and still force again organizations to either adopt new behaviour schemas and to deeply change their structure, also to be more open to their environment as well. These impacts require a new cooperation philosophy from organizations side. Several studies have focused on the problem of the intercompany cooperation, proposing approaches that provide interoperability mechanisms. But this remains an open research domain. In this work we will propose a mediation architecture between different companies. A mediator allows us to create an intercompany cooperative process, the purpose of this solution is to keep the company architecture and ask the mediator which is a software-based agent to play an intermediary role between companies, and involve it in making the transformation between companies. We define a dynamic and cooperative inter-companies model that combines the agent technology and the decision trees paradigm. This last facilitates making decision by selecting the services that best meet customer needs, in order to create a composite service.


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