Preference-driven Refinement of Service Compositions

Cheikh Ba, Umberto Costa, Mirian Halfeld Ferrari, Rémy Ferré, Martin A. Musicante, Veronika Peralta, Sophie Robert


The Service Oriented Computing Paradigm proposes the construction of applications by integrating pre-existent services. Since a large number of services may be available in the Cloud, the selection of services is a crucial task in the definition of a composition. The selected services should attend the requirements of the compound application, by considering both functional and non-functional requirements (including quality and preference constraints). As the number of available services increases, the automation of the selection task becomes desirable. We propose a method for the refinement of service compositions that takes the abstract specification of a composition, the definition of concrete services and user preferences. Our algorithm produces a list of refinements in preference order. Experiments show that our method can be used in practice.


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