Study on Combining Model-driven Engineering and Scrum to Produce Web Information Systems

Fábio P. Basso, Raquel M. Pillat, Fabricia Roos-Frantz, Rafael Z. Frantz


Model-driven engineering and agile methods are two important approaches to produce web information systems. However, whereas model-driven engineering is based on widely detailed models, agile methods such as Scrum propose to not spend too much time in modelling. Model-driven engineering literature suggests the use of pre-prototypes models that can be evaluated by clients before generating source code, and, agile methods also propose to get client feedback soon after requirements are specified as user stories. Despite of agile methods and pre-prototypes aim to quick validate requirements, their combined use must be carefully studied. The quick design of pre-prototypes must be considered in order to achieve the benefits provided by both approaches. In this paper we propose a new pre-prototype based methodology, which combines practices to achieve quick feedback from clients from model-driven engineering and Scrum based agile methods. We also report on a real-world case study concerning the development of a web information system.


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