GPU based Parallel Image Processing Library for Embedded Systems

Mustafa Cavus, Hakkı Doganer Sumerkan, Osman Seckin Simsek, Hasan Hassan, Abdullah Giray Yaglikci, Oguz Ergin


Embedded image processing systems have many challenges, due to large computational requirements and other physical, power, and environmental constraints. However recent contemporary mobile devices include a graphical processing unit (GPU) in order to offer better use interface in terms of graphics. Some of these embedded GPUs also support OpenCL which allows the use of computation capacity of embedded GPUs for general purpose computing. Within this OpenCL support, challenges of image processing in embedded systems become easier to handle. In this paper, we present a new OpenCL-based image processing library, named TRABZ-10, which is specifically designed to run on an embedded platform. Our results show that the functions of TRABZ-10 show 7X speedup on embedded platform over the functions of OpenCV on average.


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