Estimating Driver Unawareness of Pedestrian based on Visual Behaviors and Driving Behaviors

Minh Tien Phan, Indira Thouvenin, Vincent Fremont, Véronique Cherfaoui


Taking into account the driver's state is a major challenge for designing new advanced driver assistance systems. In the context of pedestrian safety, a lot of research and many applications are able to detect the pedestrian with in-vehicle sensors and inform the driver of their presence. However, most of these alert systems do not adapt to the driver, they become distracting and are often ignored or deactivated. In this paper, we present a discussion on the danger to pedestrian that is related to the driver. We talk about the problem of pedestrian detectability. We do a review on the methods that help to detect the inattention state of the driver. Finally, we propose a new approach to analyze directly the driver’s awareness or unawareness of pedestrian based on driver’s visual and driving behaviors.


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