Retrieval System for Person Re-identification

Sławomir Bąk, François Brémond, Vasanth Bathrinarayanan, Alessandro Capra, Davide Giacalone, Giuseppe Messina, Antonio Buemi


This paper addresses the problem of person re-identification and its application to a real world scenario. We introduce a retrieval system that helps a human operator in browsing a video content. This system is designed for determining whether a given person of interest has already appeared over a network of cameras. In contrast to most of state of the art approaches we do not focus on searching the best strategy for feature matching between camera pairs, but we explore techniques that can perform relatively well in a whole network of cameras. This work is devoted to analyze current state of the art algorithms and technologies, which are currently available on the market. We examine whether current techniques may help a human operator in solving this challenging task. We evaluate our system on the publicly available dataset and demonstrate practical advantages of the proposed solutions.


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