Urban Scale Dissemination in Mobile Pervasive Computing Environments

Alistair Morris, Mélanie Bouroche, Vinny Cahill


Smart cities applications become realised through cities becoming equipped with numerous mobile pervasive heterogeneous sensors that produce context data, such as air quality indexes and real time traffic conditions. The consumption of this context enables us to better manage and optimise all aspects of the city. However the dissemination of context data from sensors to such applications at an urban scale across heterogeneous networking environments remains a research challenge. We group existing work group into four categories: flooding-based, gossip-based selection-based or hybrid-based methods. However none of these techniques can enable context dissemination that incorporates mobile context producers or consumers at an urban scale across pervasive heterogeneous networking environments due to the incurred overhead. A divergence between the delivery of context data consumed by applications and context data used by context dissemination network to ensure its delivery exists. We therefore consider hybrid techniques and devise a number of novel approaches. We plan to validate our claim that a hybrid approach enables urban scalability through results gained through extensive simulations.


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