A GUI Modeling DSL for Pattern-Based GUI Testing - PARADIGM

Rodrigo M. L. M. Moreira, Ana C. R. Paiva


Today’s software feature user interface (UI) patterns. Those patterns describe generic solutions for common recurrent problems. However, to the best of our knowledge, there is no specific testing methodology that is particularly suited for testing those patterns providing generic testing solutions that can be reused after minor configurations in order to test slightly different implementations. Pattern-Based Graphical User Interface Testing (PBGT) is a recent methodology that aims at systematizing and automating the GUI testing process, by sampling the input space using “UI Test Patterns” that express generic solutions to test common recurrent GUI’s behaviour. This paper describes the development process of PARADIGM, a domain specific language (DSL) to be used in the context of PBGT and empirically evaluates PARADIGM to assess its diminished modeling efforts, usefulness, graphical power, and acceptability.


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