Ontologies and Information Visualization for Strategic Alliances Monitoring and Benchmarking

Barbara Livieri, Mario A. Bochicchio, Antonella Longo


Cooperation among firms is universally seen as a catalyst of competitive advantages. However, 50% of alliances fails. This is often due to the lack of tools and methods to quantitatively track the effects of Strategic Alliances (SAs) on firms, to the inherent complexity of a comprehensive analysis of SAa and to the difficulty to link strategic alliances goals with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Nonetheless, performance management and performance measurement have a key role in the assessment of the achievement of alliances’ goals and of the impact of SAs on firms. In this context, the aim of this paper is to discuss how advanced information processing techniques (e.g. ontologies, taxonomies and information visualization) can be used for SAs monitoring and benchmarking. In particular, we propose an ontology for KPIs, rendered through data visualization tools, and a taxonomy for SAs. This allowed us to develop an interpretative framework able to support both SAs and firm managers to understand how to monitor their alliance and which KPIs to use. Finally, we discuss the pertinence and the coherency of the approach referring to the literature.


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