Content-guided Navigation in Multimeric Molecular Complexes

Mikael Trellet, Nicolas Ferey, Marc Baaden, Patrick Bourdot


In the field of structural biology, molecular visualization is a critical step to study and understand 3D structures generated by experimental and theoretical technics. Numerous programs are dedicated to the exploration and analysis of structures in 3 dimensions. However, very few of them offer navigation algorithms that deal in an intelligent way with the content they display and the task to perform. This observation is emphasized in the case of navigation in immersive environments where users are immersed in their molecular systems, without any spatial landmark to guide their exploration. Starting from this observation, we propose to take into account some geometrical features found in multimeric molecular complexes to provide navigation guides to the users during the exploration process. It is possible thanks to the common symmetrical layout molecular complexes present. Beyond the biological meaning and importance that symmetric layouts have in proteins, they allow us to orient and guide the exploration of molecular complexes in an intelligent and meaningful manner. We present then a current work on the design of navigation paradigms based on the content and the task for the molecular visualization.


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