Fuzzy-Ontology-Enrichment-based Framework for Semantic Search

Hajer Baazaoui-Zghal, Henda Ben Ghezala


The dominance of information retrieval on the Web makes integrating and designing ontologies for the on-line Information Retrieval Systems (IRS) an attractive research area. In addition to domain ontology, some attempts have been recently made to integrate fuzzy set theory with ontology, to provide a solution to vague and uncertain information. This paper presents a framework for semantic search based on ontology enrichment and fuzziness (FuzzOntoEnrichIR). FuzzOntoEnrichIR main components are: (1) a fuzzy information retrieval component, (2) an incremental ontology enrichment component and (3) an ontology repository component. The framework aims on the one hand to capitalize and formulate extraction-ontology rules based on a meta-ontology. On the other hand, it aims to integrate the domain ontology enrichment and the fuzzy ontology building in the IR process. The framework has been implemented and experimented to demonstrate the effectiveness and validity of the proposal.


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