QoS- and Security-aware Composition of Cloud Collaborations

Olga Wenge, Ulrich Lampe, Ralf Steinmetz


While cloud computing promises virtually unlimited resource supplies, smaller providers may not be able to offer sufficient physical IT capacity to serve large customers. A solution is cloud collaborations, in which multiple providers unite forces in order to conjointly offer capacities in the market. Unfortunately, both the QoS and security properties of such collaborations will be determined by the “weakest link in the chain”, hence resulting in a trade-off between the cumulative capacity and the non-functional characteristics of a cloud collaboration. In this position paper, we examine how cloud collaborations can be optimally composed in a QoS- and security-aware fashion within a market scenario involving multiple cloud providers and users. We propose a Mixed Integer Programming-based exact optimization approach named CCCP-EXA.KOM. Based on a quantitative evaluation, we find that the practical applicability of CCCP-EXA.KOM is limited to smallscale problem instances and conclude that the development of tailored heuristic approaches is required.


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