An Overview of Cloud Identity Management-Models

Bernd Zwattendorfer, Thomas Zefferer, Klaus Stranacher


Unique identification and secure authentication are essential processes in various areas of application, e.g. in e-Government, e-Health, or e-Business. During the past years several identity management-systems and models have evolved. Many organizations and enterprises or even countries for their national eID solutions rely on identity management-systems for securing their applications. Since more and more applications are migrated into the cloud, secure identification and authentication are also vital in the cloud domain. However, cloud identity management-systems need to meet slightly different requirements than traditional identity management-systems and thus cannot be clustered into the same model types or categories. Therefore, in this paper we give an overview of different cloud identity management-models that have already emerged up to now. We further compare these models based on selected criteria, e.g. on practicability and privacy aspects.


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