Electronic Health Record Portal Adoption by Health Care Consumers - Proposal of a New Adoption Model

Jorge Tavares, Tiago Oliveira


The aim of this study is to identify a set of determinants of adoption of electronic health records (EHR) portals by health care consumers. Based on extensive literature review we suggest a new research model based on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology in a consumer context (UTAUT2) by integrating a second order construct, Concern for Information Privacy (CFIP) framework and a moderator, chronic disability. A set of propositions is also included to test the new conceptual model. We also present a plan to validate the proposed model through empirical testing. The EHR portals are a part of the e-government strategy currently unfolding in Portugal. Understanding the acceptance and use of EHR portals by health care consumers should benefit the future sustainability of the Heath Care System, which will gain a more efficient use of resources.


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