CRISTAL-iSE - Provenance Applied in Industry

Jetendr Shamdasani, Andrew Branson, Richard McClatchey, Coralie Blanc, Florent Martin, Pierre Bornand, Sandra Massonnat, Olivier Gattaz, Patrick Emin


This paper presents the CRISTAL-iSE project as a framework for the management of provenance information in industry. The project itself is a research collaboration between academia and industry. A key factor in the project is the use of a system known as CRISTAL which is a mature system based on proven description driven principles. A crucial element in the description driven approach is that the fact that objects (Items) are described at runtime enabling managed systems to be both dynamic and flexible. Another factor is the notion that all Items in CRISTAL are stored and versioned, therefore enabling a provenance collection system. In this paper a concrete application, called Agilium, is briefly described and a future application CIMAG-RA is presented which will harness the power of both CRISTAL and Agilium.


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