Towards Energy-aware IaaS-PaaS Co-design

Alexandra Carpen-Amarie, Djawida Dib, Anne-Cécile Orgerie, Guillaume Pierre


The wide adoption of the cloud computing paradigm plays a crucial role in the ever-increasing demand for energy-efficient data centers. Driven by this requirement, cloud providers resort to a variety of techniques to improve energy usage at each level of the cloud computing stack. However, prior studies mostly consider resource-level energy optimizations in IaaS clouds, overlooking the workload-related information locked at higher levels, such as PaaS clouds. In this position paper, we argue that cross-layer cooperation in clouds is a key to achieving an optimized resource management, both performance and energy-wise. To this end, we claim there is a need for a cooperation API between IaaS and PaaS clouds, enabling each layer to share specific information and to trigger correlated decisions. We identify the drawbacks raised by such co-design objectives and discuss opportunities for energy usage optimizations. Moreover, we outline the design of a set of extension modules for Libcloud to serve as building blocks for cross-layer information sharing and cooperation.


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