A Holistic, Semantics-aware Approach to Spatial Data Infrastructures

Cristiano Fugazza, Monica Pepe, Alessandro Oggioni, Fabio Pavesi, Paola Carrara


We present a novel approach to the management of Spatial Data Infrastrutures that leverages semantics-aware context information to model the distinct aspects involved in the management of geospatial data. RDF-based schemata are employed for encoding information about the user community, the terminologies in use in a specific research domain, gazetteer information representing the physical landscape underpinning data and, last but not least, resource metadata. The data structures are then interconnected to enable seamless exploitation for metadata creation and resource discovery, which we demonstrate through a worked-out example of SPARQL query on RDF graph data. The methodology is being applied by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) to support creation of a distributed infrastructure for marine data in the context of the RITMARE Flagship Project.


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