Approximate Distance Queries for Path-planning in Massive Point Clouds

David Eriksson, Evan Shellshear


In this paper, algorithms have been developed that are capable of efficiently pre-processing massive point clouds for the rapid computation of the shortest distance between a point cloud and other objects (e.g. triangulated, point-based, etc.). This is achieved by exploiting fast distance computations between specially structured subsets of a simplified point cloud and the other object. This approach works for massive point clouds even with a small amount of RAM and was able to speed up the computations, on average, by almost two orders of magnitude. Given only 8 GB of RAM, this resulted in shortest distance computations of 30 frames per second for a point cloud originally having 1 billion points. The findings and implementations will have a direct impact for the many companies that want to perform path-planning applications through massive point clouds since the algorithms are able to produce real-time distance computations on a standard PC.


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