Analytical Model of SSD Parallelism

Jinsoo Yoo, Youjip Won, Sooyong Kang, Jongmoo Choi, Sungroh Yoon, Jaehyuk Cha


SSDs support various IO parallel mechanisms such as channel parallelism, way parallelism, and plane parallelism to increase IO performance. To measure an SSD’s performance in a simulation environment, the simulator has to support the parallel IO operations of an SSD by modeling its internal IO behaviors. In this paper, we developed an analytical model to calculate the IO latency of multi-channel and multi-way architected SSDs. In formulating the IO latency model, we categorized SSDs’ IO types into two operations: single page read/write operations and multiple page read/write operations. With the IO latency model, we can calculate the IO performance of a real SSD, Intel X25-M, with a 3.8% offset.


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