Dynamical Model of Asphalt-Roller Interaction During Compaction

Syed Asif Imran, Fares Beainy, Sesh Commuri, Musharraf Zaman


Proper and uniform compaction during construction is of utmost importance for the long term performance of asphalt pavement. Variations in the conditions of freshly laid pavements require adjustment of the compaction effort in order to obtain uniform and adequate density. One of the goals of on-going research in Intelligent Compaction (IC) is the development of adaptive feedback control mechanism to adjust the compaction effort according to the field and pavement conditions. Such feedback control systems require a good understanding of compaction dynamics. In this study, a dynamical model is developed to study the interaction between a moving vibratory roller and the underlying asphalt pavement during compaction. The asphalt pavement is represented as a lumped element model with visco-elastic-plastic properties. A procedure is presented to estimate the parameters of this model from standard tests on asphalt mix conducted in the laboratory. The combined roller-pavement dynamical model is used to replicate field compaction of an asphalt pavement using a vibratory roller. Numerical simulation results indicate good agreement with results observed during compaction of pavements in the field. Comparison between the simulation results and the results collected from the actual pavement construction job show that the model could be used as a mathematical basis for the development of advanced compaction methods.


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