Supporting Organizational Learning with Collaborative Annotation

Ala Atrash, Marie-Hélène Abel, Claude Moulin


Many research studies have shown that the organizational learning is a key factor that contributes to the well being of the organization. The process of organizational learning is affected by the collaborative annotation which plays an important role in it. However, current collaborative annotation platforms have a common limitation which is the restricted ability to share, index, retrieve annotations as any other information resource (e.g a document). In this paper, we define the annotation and we indicate how it becomes collaborative. We present an original semantic model (MEMORAe-core 2) for collaboration and information sharing and we show how the annotation is modeled as information resource. We present a web platform (MEMORAe) that uses this semantic model. A use case for the use of this platform within small and medium sized enterprise is also detailed. Within this work, our objective is to support the organizational learning by concentrating on the exchange of ideas by means of the collaborative annotation.


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