Development of Micro-channel Arrays for Peripheral Nerve Recording

David J. Edell, Ronald R. Riso, Hugh Herr


MicroTube Array (MTA) technology was developed to create an axon regeneration interface for exchanging motor and sensory data with residual nerves. Future clinical application will include sensory-motor transducers for individuals with limb amputation. In this pilot study, a small matrix (9) of MTAs 1, 3 and 5mm long with either 99um, 200um or 287um diameter MicroTubes (MTs) filling nerve cuffs of 3mm in diameter were implanted in tibial nerve of NZW rabbits and histologically evaluated after more than 6 months post-op. Full regeneration was observed in all 3 lengths for 287um MTAs, and for all three diameters of MTs with 1mm length. The remaining implants were mechanically dislodged during the healing phase. A second implant set was designed to include 12 platinum-iridium wire electrodes direct wired to a percutaneous connector. Successful recordings of useful amplitudes were observed during reflex righting behaviour for over 2 years before the anticipated wire breakage ended the experiments.


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