A Study on the Intensity of Water Noodle Aerobic Exercise for Adults

Yuhong Wen, Lijun Long, Yimin Zhang


Water aerobics are considered to be a fine way to improve people’s fitness level without risk of injury. Noodle is one of the commonly used equipments in water aerobics. In order to reveal the load intensity of different noodle works, 14 different movements are designed based on the noodle’s feature of buoyancy and length, as well as water characteristics and human being’s anatomy. 8 adults subjects aged from 18 to 40 are recruited to do water exercise 90 minutes for 3 times a week through 8 weeks period. 2 tests are executed in the 6th and 8th week. Subjects maximum heart rates are tested by porlar rs 400 when they do each movement for 5 minutes continuously with 3 minutes interval between the movements so that HR recovered almostly. The results showed that HR for the 14 movements range between 108±11.40 to 138±15.40 beat/min, which indicates all the exercises are under aerobic intensity and are beneficial for cardiovascular fitness. The highest HR happened when subjects jumping in large range and pressing down or pushing forward noodles with arms, with mean HR located above130 beat/min. When the subjects press noodles while striding or running, mean HR are between 120 to 130 beat/min. When subjects press noodles with standing or floating position, HR range from 110 to 120 beat/min. 4 of the movements are done when legs floating and crouching or rotating in the water, which are difficult to master because of the imbalance in water. Meanwhile, these works are executed with minimum colliding and lowest risk of injury. It is concluded that intensity increases when leg jumping vigorously with arm pressing noodles. Intensity of exercises in floating position is relatively low but good for injury prevention and rehabilitation. All the pressing and pushing movements are executed by pectoralis major and bending muscles of arm, where latissimus dorsi and extension muscle are not recruited thoroughly, which indicates that further attention should be paid in designing exercises.


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