Automatic Audiovisual Documents Genre Description

Manel Fourati, Anis Jedidi, Faiez Gargouri


Audiovisual documents are among the most proliferated resources. Faced with these huge quantities produced every day, the lack of significant descriptions without missing the important content arises. The extraction of these descriptions requires an analysis of the audiovisual document’s content. The automation of the process of describing audiovisual documents is essential because of the richness and the diversity of the available analytical criteria. In this paper, we present a method that allows the extraction of a semantic and automatic description from the content such as genre. We chose to describe cinematic audiovisual documents based on the documentation prepared in the pre-production phase of films, namely synopsis. The experimental result on Imdb (Internet Movie Database) and the Wikipedia encyclopedia indicate that our method of genre detection is better than the result of these corpuses.


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