Reflecting on the Ambient Intelligence VisionA Cyber-Physical-Social Perspective

Olga Murdoch, Michael O'Grady, Rem Collier, Gregory O'Hare


By acquiring and reasoning about user and environmental context, Ambient Intelligence (AmI) systems enable intelligent and intuitive interactions between people and their physical environments. AmI traditionally seeks to build on ubiquitous sensing technologies and communications to acheive this aim. Over a decade later, people are frequently immersed in or engaged with alternative, software, environments, such as those provided as web applications or social networks. Now, to form more complete contextual representations of users, AmI solutions require the context of multiple environments in which users may be immersed. This paper proposes a middleware supported framework for cyber-physical-social AmI that relies on the combined efforts of modern web technologies and ubiquitous computing as the enabling technologies.


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